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  In the jiangsu hua jiang construction group co., LTD1965Years5Month。2000Years6On the restructuring was renamed jiangsu hua jiang construction engineering co., LTD。

  2010Years11Set up for the enterprise group。Owns:The architectural design、Real estate development、Precision casting、Commercial trade、BIMEngineering technology、Property management services、Investment and financing management and so on more than 10 wholly-owned subsidiaries and joint-stock company,13Take a branch and more directly under the engineering department。

  Hua jiang group is a national building engineering construction general contracting qualification,Construction and civil air defense engineering class a design qualification。At the same time with the first-grade qualification of architectural decoration project specialized contracting,Municipal utilities engineering construction general contracting level 2 qualification,Fire control facilities project specialized contracting、Lifting equipment installation project specialized contracting、Professional mechanical and electrical installation project construction contract、Waterproof and anti-corrosion insulation engineering contracting secondary qualification,Steel structure project specialized contracting、Foundation engineering contracting three qualities,The template scaffold professional contracting qualification。Real estate development for the subsidiary holding secondary qualification、Realty service level 3 qualification, etc。

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Win-win cooperation to speed up the modernization construction industry
Win-win cooperation to speed up the modernization construction industry---My company and happiness liuheyuan group opening and signing ceremony a great success  2019Years8Month30Day-31Day,Jiangsu hua jiang construction group co., LTD cooperate with hubei happiness liuheyuan industrial group co., LTD. Investment of wuhan city hua jiang happiness prefabricated construction co., LTD. The ceremony held in wuhan prefabricated factory,Happiness and happiness liuheyuan subsidiary of hubei auspicious dragon construction co., LTD. SignedCPlotEPCCooperation agreement。The two sides agreed to technology development、Product marketing in deep communication and cooperation。Group chairman of the board of directors of the company PangYongXiang、President is strong
1Hour ago
Jiangdu district party committee secretary zhang tong   Site visit to xi 'an Huang Jiapo village relocation project
In order to speed up the construction project construction step,Strict on the quality of the project,Further promoting the development of jiangdu construction。8Month20Monday morning,Jiangdu district party committee secretary zhang tong、Area live built bureau SheGang related leaders to come to my company baoji branch building in xi 'an Huang Jiapo village resettlement project site inspection guide work。
2019-08-20 14:56
Hua jiang auspicious company To build the building like piling up his building blocks Also get soft award!
Entered the jiangdu economic development zone of jiangsu hua jiang auspicious modern construction development co., LTD,A set of huge greeted letters form concrete member sculpture——Buildyourfuture,Highlight hua jiang flies“To build the future”The grand verve
2019-08-19 14:56
Group company and practice base inaugural ceremony at the city university of Hong Kong
 7Month29On the afternoon5:00,Building, city university of Hong Kong science and technology department of practice base held a grand opening ceremony in the group of companies。From the city university of Hong Kong director Zhang Jiabang level affairs、Yong-jun sun, an assistant professor,Jiangdu district party committee, deputy secretary、United front work department minister li Lin,Area of united front work department vice minister guo-liang yu,Area live built bureau deputy director of pat ting hung and the relevant departments of the related people,As well6City university of Hong Kong students saw this moment together。Group chairman PangYongXiang、Vice secretary of party committee Wu Xiangbing,Human resources manager Cindy participated in the event。
2019-07-29 02:11

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